Pacific Oysters (Crassostrea gigas)

Our oysters are raised on each of our tidelands and may either be naturally occurring single or cluster oysters or planted singles raised on-ground or in bags, trays, or longlines off-ground.

Our original trade name for this product is Rock Point Oysters and is often sold by others as Rock Point Selects, Rock Points, RPO Garnets, Miyagi, Royal Miyagi, Quilcene, Dabob, Elliot’s Select, and Rainier. Single oysters are sold as 2″-3″ size, 3″-4″ size and 4″+ size. Pacific oysters are grown on each of our farms and each has different characteristics due to substrate and weather exposure. Many of our oysters are naturally reproduced in the warm intertidal bays and results in a mixture of single oysters on gravel or rocks and cluster oysters on shell. Rock Point specializes in single oysters, so any clusters are broken into singles. We also raise oysters from larvae set on micro-cultch (oyster shell ground to 0.5 mm size) and raised in our nursery system until planting onto the tideland or into bags, baskets or trays for grow-out.