Pacific Oysters (Crassostrea gigas)


Our oysters are raised on each of our tidelands and may either be naturally occurring single or cluster oysters or planted singles raised on-ground or in bags, trays, or longlines off-ground

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Manila Clams (Venerupis philippinarum)


Manila clams are raised predominantly on our Tarboo Bay farm and are naturally occurring or planted. They are grown in the sand or gravel substrate with strong, clean water currents flowing across them.

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Savory Clams (Nuttallia obscurata)


Our Savory clam, also known as the varnish clam, purple varnish clam, or mahogany clam – is a nonnative species, originally from Asia. These are harvested on our Tarboo Bay farm and our Hood Canal farm and are all naturally occurring.

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Pacific Oyster Seed


Pacific oysters are set on whole oyster shell in bags or on micro-cultch shell as singles in our remote setting/nursery facility. Bags of cultch oyster seed is available from our setting tanks or seasoned from one of our farms. Single oyster seed is periodically available from our nursery.

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